Viral Evolution: Retrovirus

I am proud to announce, the feature film script “Viral Evolution – Retrovirus” has been reproduced as a kindle version. It took me a while to get the ball rolling on this, as the entire format needed to be changed, along with the necessary text and format to publish this work as an ebook.

I guess there is some history to me as a writer, and I started writing in my early teens. Although, I dropped it unfortunately when I lost all my stories and I still to this day wonder where they went. But anyway, I did however get a great response from teachers who took the time to read my short stories at the age of fourteen. I surprised myself often even though my personality was not for their curriculum. The freedom to be creative is a big thing for me, and it shows when I would get 100% for creative writing during a time where I dodged school wherever I could with a year that brought me a total of 8% in English for the entire year since I was never there. Funnily enough though, 5% of that 8%, was for creative writing and no school was not for me. I took up writing again in my late twenties, with a few still to be published and now that I have tools they will come. However, I’m thinking the sequel to Retrovirus will be next and it was my intention to leave it open.

To be honest, I love action horror and especially apocalyptic type scenarios where it’s a test for the characters toward their own survival. Post-apocalyptic also interests me, and I feel that these would be very tough times whatever the initial cause would be for society to break down to such a degree. Viral Evolution, Retrovirus, is a story based around the growing interest on a theory of where viruses, have played a major part while also being the leading cause in the evolution of species and I believe this to be true as well. I researched the subject after the initial idea toward writing the feature film script finding the Retrovirus, and the more I learned about this type of virus, the more I had to move forward with it. If you’re into action horror, and do decide you want to read my work, then by all means let me know what you think as all proceeds will be put toward the feature film. Below is an extract from the kindle to give you an idea on the direction I’m going with this Kindle on Amazon.

An Introduction To Viral Evolution

Taken From The Introduction In Viral Evolution Retrovirus

“Late afternoon in the lecture room at the School of Biological Sciences, the Professor a new age style of man in his mid forties with a PHD in Biology who appears to question everything continues speaking to the students as they listen seated behind tables with books and pen in hand.

“Testing them ultimately has it’s associated risks, and when a released organism finds a specific natural host which is immune or reacts biologically, then another modification can occur as well.”

The Professor in a questioning tone continues while in thought.

“So does this mean G.M.O’s, are simply part of the evolution process here on earth? Hm, gives you something to think about?!”

The Professor pauses briefly before he moves on as students continue to listen.

“As species have evolved, and like us we cannot be specific on what has caused the major changes occurring at significant points in our history let alone those of others on this planet. Some theories suggest viruses play a vital role in our own evolution, modifying the structure of DNA, and not all of them are bad I might add.”

As he looks around the room making eye contact with a few who listen intently before continuing on to say.

“The more archaeological finds dating back millions of years in some cases, the more questions are being raised, and whatever the causes maybe for species to evolve many factors must come under some form of consideration. Extinction level events, tectonic separation or global catastrophes can also bring about the nature of inbreeding.”

Upon hearing the later, a few of the group of students talk among themselves with the Professor looking out among them before voicing the first a little louder to get their full attention again.

“Generally on a larger scale of course, but all species will do what they need to, to survive and if genetic code stays within a select group then these changes will eventually appear through the majority over time. We see it in many species today, as we see the differences between races with us. Regardless of the situation at any point in time, for those who are able to adapt quickly to their new surroundings will find a new beginning and for the ones who cannot it’s a time of extinction.” ~ Introduction: Viral Evolution: Retrovirus on Amazon Kindle

Description For Kindle Ebook

“John loads a fresh syringe with the agent for injection, looks at the healthy monkey, takes a breath, then proceeds to inject the trial into the subject. The adapted strain from that which was found three years previous, has found a natural host that will forever change their entire world and those around them.”

Viral Evolution: Retrovirus By Leigh Winters, Based On The Feature Film Script