Share Multiple Links In One Link

You can easily drive traffic to multiple links on Instagram with one page and a landing page with a custom link that you can work with to share multiple links in one link. Use a free platform that allows you to add more than one link on Instagram.

What Is A Landing Page For Multiple Links?

A landing page is a web page that you can direct your social media followers to. It is one page, that can appear more like a table of contents for your most valued links you may want to share. The single landing page also has a custom link, which you can share to followers across multiple networks and can be added to the bio section of your Instagram account or other social platforms you want to direct followers to from your bio as shown with the link to my profile page below.

Leigh Winters

Landing Page For Instagram

The idea of a landing page for Instagram that allows you to share multiple links in one link, is great for people that may want to share more than one link in an Instagram bio and a free landing page for Instagram makes this platform an excellent option for digital marketers and especially people who have multiple links to share or who may not have a website themselves.

However, if you do have a business website and choose to create a free landing page through this platform, ensure to keep your page and custom link in line with your brand. Meaning the inclusion of your company or business logo and the company description for the profile page which will also help in regards to profile page verification within the platform.

Creating A Landing Page With Multiple Links

By creating a landing page for the links you want to share, you will be giving followers of your work a page to play videos, stream audio and options to click through to links containing your content. Share links to your social network account pages within the landing page as well and the page itself makes it easy for you to share multiple links on Instagram. Generating leads or sales through the landing page can be a little harder, although you can work around this by adding the video pitch with further links to opt-in pages.

Add Page With Multiple Links To Instagram Bio

When you have created a landing page with the custom link for yourself or your brand, you can then add the landing page link or profile page link to the bio of your Instagram. The custom link is a way you can send traffic to one landing page with multiple links on one page. 

To create a free landing page with a custom link and to share more than one link on an Instagram bio, register.

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