Once upon a time, it would take me all year to write about myself as I was not one for sharing information about myself as a person toward the public in this fashion, but that was then. Like many people, I do a lot and are more of an entrepreneurial kind of person over an employee. I never lasted in jobs working under others, as I find it continually restricting and generally you’re not rewarded for the work you may do and these businesses have always lost an asset to the company upon me leaving. I was never in any one position longer than two years, not just for the reasons as mentioned above, but there are many and each position was different to the next. One thing though was always the same, I had a boss and I guess you can say there were two things as I was always making someone else richer while getting paid, well, at least something. Most of the work I do now, online especially, is there to generally help people and their business. Some of the other projects is with future projects in mind and each one has it’s own individual stepping stone toward the next. For example, I want to direct my own feature film script, and Viral Evolution: Retrovirus on Amazon kindle was reproduced purposely with that goal in mind and here’s my Author Page.

I am sure some of you have experienced first hand at some point, losing people when you try to explain what it is you actually do as it might be foreign to your closest. Like many, I will voice the different aspects toward online marketing, search engine optimisation or web development, and now start with the basics toward any sort of understanding for those who do not work in the technical side over the internet. I speak with passion, I love the creative aspect along with the challenge of working online in my chosen fields while often voicing the ins and outs to people who want to hear the knowledge I have at one hundred mile an hour, I’m proud to say I’m founder of Wellington SEO Agency, providing search engine optimisation and digital marketing. I also enjoy writing, photography and online marketing in general.

While enjoying what I do, spending every free minute to learn something new, whether reading, listening or watching something of value while eating dinner with my cat and fish watching on here in New Zealand. I’ll search for the information I need, enjoying market research, advertising and branding as well. With multiple sites online and most in development. I’m continually looking for opportunities to move into where I can help people get noticed. I provide services as an SEO Analyst, content marketing, branding, social media marketing, link building and digital marketing in general. The ranking game with Google excites me, and I also enjoy analyzing all aspects from on page optimisation in correlation with the off page SEO, to improve the websites rank and search engine placement for the target market keywords. I started out online to grow an audience for music before moving into affiliate marketing and then on to website development. I have been hooked on what you can achieve online ever since.

“One person can make a difference, as people begin to believe that, they then find others and soon there is one million by their side” – Leigh Winters